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Trading and Investment Terminology


In the financial markets, zombies are organizations that acquire just enough money to keep  working and service debt, however  can't take care of their obligation.

Such organizations, provided that they just scratch by meeting overheads (salaries, lease, interest payments on obligations, for instance), have no excess funding to contribute to spike development.

Zombie organizations are usually dependent upon higher borrowing costs and might be one just event—market disturbance or a bad quarter performance—away from bankruptcy or a bailout.

Zombies are particularly reliant on banks for financing, which is on a very basic level their life support.

Zombie organizations are otherwise called the "living dead" or "zombie stocks."

Zombies generally fail, succumbing to the significant expenses related with obligation or certain activities, for example, research and development.

They may not have the assets for capital investment, which would generate growth.

In the event that a zombie organization employed a large number of individuals that its failure is going to turn into a political issue, it might be seen as too big to fail, just like the case with numerous financial establishments during the financial crisis in the year2008.

Given that numerous analysts expect that zombies will inevitably be unable to fulfill their financial obligations, such organizations are viewed as riskier investments and will, in this manner, see their share prices suppressed.

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