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Trading and Investment Terminology

WM Reuters Benchmark Rates

WM Reuters Benchmark Rates can be defined as spot as well as forward foreign exchange rates that are utilized as benchmark rates for portfolio estimation as well as performance estimation.

The WM Reuters Benchmark Rates are received from State Street subsidiary the WM Company as well as the multinational media conglomerate Thomson Reuters.

The WM Reuters closing spot rate administration was acquainted in the year 1994 to demonstrate standard foreign exchange rates that would allow portfolio estimations to be contrasted more precisely against one another as well as financial benchmarks, without having to consider currency differentials.

The initial WM Reuters administration gave closing spot rates for 40 currencies every day; the administration has since extended to 159 closing spot currencies reported on an hour to hour premise.

Moreover, WM Reuters also gives closing rates for currency forwards as well as non deliverable forwards or NDF, hourly intraday for spot, forward as well as NDF rates, and also historical data.

While most significant bond and equity index compilers utilize the WM Reuters benchmark rates in their computations, the rates are additionally utilized for other purposes, for example, determining benchmark rates for the settlement of financial derivatives.

A few banks additionally offer an assistance to their customers by giving an assurance to exchange at the WM Reuters rates.