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Trading and Investment Terminology

White Candlestick

A white candlestick reflects a period where the stock’s price has closed at a higher price than where it had opened. It is a point on a stock’s candlestick chart reflecting a bullish sentiment.

White candlesticks reflect a positive increment in a stock’s price during the watched time frame.

The body of the candlestick will ordinarily be shown in white on a candlestick series graph to show that the net outcome of the period's price activity was upward.

In some technical charting frameworks the trader may have the choice to pick a particular color, such as blue or green, to show price increments.

Ordinarily, a candlestick will show the stock’s open, high, low, and close for the client determined time span.

The high and low is going be represented by the two wicks on each end of the candle body.

The candle body contains the separation between the period's open and close price points.

Thus, candlestick marks show the range of price points that the stock has detailed through a solitary period.

Candlestick graphs are helpful for traders using technical method of analyzing stocks since they can easily display an entire day's price movement.

For the most part, the typical hues for candlestick graphs will be either white or green (Upward movement) and red or black (Downward movement), however, these days, charting software provides the trader with the choice to customize the color schemes to their choice.