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Trading and Investment Terminology


Tangible Asset

A tangible asset can be defined as an asset that has a limited money value and generally a physical structure.

Tangible assets can generally always be exchanged for some monetary value however the liquidity of various markets will fluctuat ...

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Tax Exempt Income

Non-taxable income is known as Tax-exempt income


Income is defined as cash payments, services, or exchanges of property. 

For taxation, income is divided into two broad categories; 

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the science and art of interpreting a stock chart.

Technical analysis is a means of examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, by using historical price charts and market statistics. 


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Technical Analyst

A technical analyst, otherwise referred to as a market technician or chartist, is a stocks researcher or even a trader who examines and analyzes investments based on previous market prices as well as technical indicators.

Technicians accep ...

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Technical Indicator

Technical indicators are chart analysis tools that can help traders better understand and act on price movement. 


There is a huge range of technical analysis tools available that analyze trends, provide price averages, ...

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Technical indicators

Technical indicators are also known as technicals. Technicals are the mathematical calculations which are based on historical trading data like price, volume, and open interest of a security rather than the fundamental of a business such as revenu ...

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Theta (Options Greek)

Theta is a sensitivity measure that determines the decline in this extrinsic value of the option over time.

To understand theta, we need to first know the difference between the intrinsic and extrinsic value of an option. Together, th ...

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Third World

Third World is an expression used to describe a class of economically inferior countries.

The concept of third world countries arose in the 1950s after the second world war and during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United St ...

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The smallest movement possible in the market price of a security or financial instrument.


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Ticker Symbol

A ticker symbol is a positioning of characters mostly letters, sometimes numbers, that represent specific stocks listed on an exchange or traded publicly.

At the point when an organization issues stocks to the public, it chooses an availab ...

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Time Horizon

Estimated length of time for a plan, program, or project to complete, an endeavor to succeed, an investment to yield returns, an obligation to become due, a right to mature, etc.


The period, usually expressed in years, for w ...

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Time Value

In the options trading world, two components make up an option's price. 

The first is the intrinsic value (which accounts for the underlying security's perceived value), and the second is time value.


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Trade War

A trade war occurs when one nation fights against another nation by raising import duties or by putting different limitations on the opposing nation’s imports.

A tariff or a duty is a tax forced on the products brought into a country ...

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A trader can be defined as a person takes part in the purchasing and selling of financial securities in any financial market, either for his own sake or on behalf of another individual or foundation.

The fundamental distinction between a t ...

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Treasury bills

Treasury bills are money market instruments issued by the Government of India as a promissory note with guaranteed repayment at a later date.

Treasury Bills, also known as T-bills are the short-term money market instr ...

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Treasury Bonds

In a word, a U.S. Treasury bond (often called a T-bond) is a fixed-interest debt security issued by the U.S. 
Any of the various series of bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, usually maturing over long periods

Treasury Department ...

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Treasury Notes

Treasury notes, are similar to T-bonds but are offered in a wide range of terms they mature in two, three, five, or ten years.

T-notes make semiannual interest payments at fixed coupon rates. 

The notes usually have $1,000 fac ...

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Treasury Security

Treasury securities are bonds issued by the U.S. government.


Investing in treasury securities means you're loaning the government money.

Treasury securities are considered one of the safest investments because th ...

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Trend Analysis

Trend analysis can be defined as a procedure utilized in technical method of stock analysis that aims to anticipate the future changes is security price based on recently examined trend information.

Trend analysis depends on the concept th ...

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Trend Following

Trend Following is a trading methodology that, seeks to capture trends across all markets, using proper risk management.

Trend trading is a trading style that attempts to capture gains through the analysis of an asset's momentum in a p ...

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Trend Trading

Trend trading can be defined as a trading style that tries to catch increases through the analysis of an stock's momentum in a specific direction.

At the point when the price is moving towards one overall direction, like upwards or dow ...

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A trendline is a line drawn over pivot highs or under pivot lows to show the prevailing direction of price. 

Trendlines are a visual representation of support and resistance in any time frame. 

They show direction and spe ...

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Treynor Index

The Treynor Ratio is a portfolio performance measure that adjusts for systematic risk. 

Treynor ratio is a measure of the returns earned more than the risk-free return at a given level of market risk. It highlights the risk-adjusted p ...

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A trustee is an individual who is responsible for a property or an organization on behalf of some other individual or a third party.


A trustee is someone with legal control of money or property that is kept or invested for a ...

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Turnover Ratio

A turnover ratio represents the number of assets or liabilities that a company replaces with its sales. 


The asset turnover ratio formula is equal to net sales divided by the total or average assets o ...

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