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Trading and Investment Terminology


In the financial world, speculation, or speculative trading, can be defined as the act of leading a financial trade that has considerable risk of losing value but additionally holds the expectation of a critical gain or other significant value.

With speculation, the danger of losing capital is more than offset by the probability of a considerable gain or other re-compensation.

A speculator who buys a speculative investment is likely centered around price disturbances.

While the danger associated with the speculation is high, the speculator is generally more focused on creating a profit dependent on market price changes for that speculation than on long term investing.

At the point when speculative investing includes the buying of a foreign currency, it is referred to as currency speculation.

In this situation, an speculator purchases a currency with an end goal to later sell that currency at a higher rate, rather than a speculator who purchases a currency in order to pay for an import or to back an outside investment.

Without the possibility of significant additions, there would be little inspiration to take part in speculation.

It might sometimes be hard to recognize the difference between a speculation and a simple investment, compelling the market player to think about whether speculation or investment relies upon factors that measure the nature of the asset, anticipated duration of the holding period and/or measure of leverage applied to the exposure.

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