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Trading and Investment Terminology

Quarter on Quarter

Quarter on quarter (QOQ) is an estimating system that computes the change between one monetary quarter and the past financial quarter.


The expression is like the year-over-year (YOY) measure, which compares the quarter of one year for example Fiscal Year 2018, to to a similar quarter of the earlier year (2017).


The measure gives speculators and experts a thought of how an organization is developing over each quarter.


QOQ enables a business to screen shorter-term changes and to advance toward objectives or benchmarks set for the year.


It can give significant data with regards to how an organization is performing and enable the organization to react and make process changes whenever required.


Frequently, the Quarter on quarter measure is utilized to compare the income between quarters.


For instance, XYZ Company's first-quarter income were Rs. 150 per offer, and its second-quarter earnings were Rs. 175 per share.


By computing the Quarter on quarter development between quarters (Rs. 175 - Rs. 150/Rs. 150), unmistakably the organization has developed its income by 16.6%, which is a positive pointer for financial specialists.


At the point when utilized as a major aspect of a Quarter on quarter examination, a business would look at financials from Q1 (April, May, June) to Q2 (January, February, March).