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Trading and Investment Terminology

Quarter to date (QTD)

Quarter to date (QTD) can be defined as a time period that catches all important organization movement that happened between the start of the present quarter and the point at which the information was assembled.


Quarter to date data is generally gathered in circumstances when the whole quarterly time frame has not yet finished, and it can enable management to perceive how the quarter is shaping up.


For instance, an organization may have software programmed that is tracking its income for the quarter to date.


In finance, Quarter to date is generally provided in fiscal reports detailing the performance of a business entity.


Giving present Quarter to date results, as well as Year To Date results for one or more previous years, gives proprietors, managers, investors as well as other shareholders with reality based context from which to contrast the organization's present day performance to that of previous years as well as previous quarters.


Quarter to date depicts returns in progress during the particular time time frame, at the hour of question.


For instance: if the Quarter to date return for the stock is 3 percent. This implies from the earliest of the quarter to now, a security has increased in value by 8 percent.