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Trading and Investment Terminology


The prospectus is an offer document or information brochure issued by a public company used for inviting offers from the general public for subscribing to the shares.


A prospectus is a legal document that is required by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to accompany securities or investment offerings for sale. 

The purpose of the prospectus is to make investors aware of the risks of an investment.

Types of Prospectus

  • Deemed Prospectus
  • Abridged Prospectus
  • Red Herring Prospectus 
  • Shelf Prospectus

 The portion of the prospectus from the table of contents, which provides basic information about the offering.

  1. Securities offered, which are senior notes that pay 3.50%
  2. The maturity date of the notes, which is Jan. 23, 2024
  3. The issue date, which has yet to be determined
  4. How interest will be paid and denominations to be issued
  5. Use of proceeds or how the money raised will be spent, which might include financing operations, paying down debt, or buying back stock


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