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Trading and Investment Terminology

Logarithmic chart

Logarithmic charts are similar to normal charts except for the fact that logarithmic charts use a logarithmic axis instead of a linear axis.


Logarithmic charts can have a logarithmic scale of any base greater than 1. 


These charts are perfect for plotting data that comprises of both small and large values. You can use these charts to plot data like sales comparison, election results, population growth, etc.


FusionCharts Suite XT offers two types of logarithmic charts:

  • Log Column 2D Chart
  • Log Line Chart

The FusionCharts Suite XT log charts offer the following features:

  • You can select any positive base (apart from 1) for your logarithmic scale.
  • The logarithmic y-scale can be inverted to show charts like ranking charts etc.
  • A custom selection of y-axis lower and upper limits possible.
  • A custom selection of minor divisional lines between any two major divisional lines