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Trading and Investment Terminology

Intrinsic Value

The intrinsic value of an asset shows the worth of that asset.


This value is derived by using either an objective calculation or a complex financial model, as opposed to using the present market price of that asset.


In stock analysis this expression is used in relation with the job of identifying, as accurately as possible, the value of an organization and its earnings.


While talking about options pricing, intrinsic value alludes to the difference between the strike price of the option and the present market price of the stock.


Intrinsic value is often considered an umbrella term with helpful implications in a few areas.


Most of the time, usually the term means the job of an analyst who aims and tries to gauge an asset's intrinsic value with the help of fundamental as well as technical analysis.


There exists no worldwide standard for measuring the intrinsic value of a organization, but stock analysts have created valuation models and techniques by using certain aspects of a business which include qualitative, quantitative as well as perceptual elements.


Qualitative elements; like business model, administration, and target markets; are those things explicit to the what a company does.


Quantitative elements used in fundamental stock analysis incorporate financial ratios as well as financial statement analysis.


These elements allude to the measures of how well a company is performing.


Perceptual elements try to catch investors view of the overall value of an asset.


These elements are largely represented by the method of technical analysis.