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Trading and Investment Terminology

Dividend Rate

The dividend rate can be defined as the total expected dividend payments from an investment, fund or portfolio formatted as an annualized premise in addition to any extra non recurring dividends that an investor may get during that time frame.


Based on the organization's inclinations and strategy, the dividend rate can be fixed or adjustable.


The measurement of the dividend rate of a speculation, fund or portfolio includes multiplying the latest periodic dividend payments by the number of payment periods in one year.


For instance, if a fund of investments delivers a dividend of 50 pennies quarterly and furthermore delivers an additional dividend of 12 pennies per equity due to a nonrecurring event from which the organization profited, the dividend rate is $2.12 every year (50 pennies x 4 quarters + 12 pennies = $2.12).


Organizations that generate significant incomes for the most part deliver out dividends. On the other hand, organizations with fast development ordinarily reinvest any money generated over into the organization and not to delivering investor dividends.


Cash intensive organizations that produce important consumer items, for example, food, beverages, and household items, and individuals who give medicinal care services, for example, generally spend less to develop their organizations.


Thus, these organizations are more likely to distribute a part of their earnings to investors as dividend payments.