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Trading and Investment Terminology

Bear Raid

A strategy used on the stock market, where traders try to forcibly lower the price of a stock to cover the price of a short position. 

This is normally achieved by spreading negative rumors about the target company, which puts negative pressure on the share price.

In the context of general equities, an attempt by investors to move the price of a stock opportunistically by selling large numbers of shares short. 

The investors pocket the difference between the initial price and the new, lower price after this maneuver.

 This technique is illegal under SEC rules, which stipulate that every short sale must be on an uptick.
The point of a bear raid is to make windfall profits within an incredibly narrow margin of time through short sales. 

If the raid is a success and the stock under mark plummets, the shares can be bought cheaply by short sellers on the open market. 

These shares would then be sold at a much higher rate, with the short-sellers keeping the difference.