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Price table
Date Open High Low Close Volume Delivery % 20-Day SMA 50-Day SMA 200-Day SMA
24-Jun-2021 153.50 153.80 147.45 149.20 2218588 32.69 159.30 159.60 89.80
23-Jun-2021 155.00 156.65 151.50 152.45 3309324 30.14 160.40 159.25 89.25
22-Jun-2021 151.00 156.30 150.10 152.55 4887545 29.08 161.20 159.05 88.65
21-Jun-2021 140.05 150.75 135.95 149.20 9159353 22.57 162.05 158.85 88.10
18-Jun-2021 151.00 151.50 141.35 144.15 10317206 32.75 163.10 158.80 87.50
17-Jun-2021 155.00 156.90 151.50 152.65 5423871 42.26 164.35 158.65 87.00
16-Jun-2021 160.00 161.00 156.25 157.10 7871560 39.55 165.30 158.25 86.40
Key Data
  • Market cap 15119.00 CR.
  • Book value 10.40
  • Stock P/E
  • Dividend Yield 0.00%
  • ROCE 18.10%
  • ROE 43.90%
  • Sales Growth (3Y) 0.00%
  • Face Value (3Y) 5.00

HINDCOPPER share is currently trading at 149.20 at the PE of .

The 52-week range of HINDCOPPER share price is 31.25 ~ 196.75

HINDCOPPER share has a current face value of ₹5.00/-

HINDCOPPER Share Price History:

HINDCOPPER IPO was launched on Jun-24-02021 at the issue price of 100.00.

The Face Value of HINDCOPPER share was 10.00. With the IPO, HINDCOPPER had raised 250.00.




On November 9, 1967, Hindustan Copper was being incorporated as Hindustan Copper (Private) Limited under the Companies Act with the Registrar of the Companies, Rajasthan. Soon, it became a public limited company as per the shareholder's resolution as on February 27, 1968, and the company name was also changed to Hindustan Copper Limited, and soon it received a fresh certificate of incorporation as in March 26, 1968. It is the only one operating copper ore ... producing mining company in the country and the only vertically integrated producer of the primary refined copper in nation, Government of India (GoI), Ministry of Mines (MoM). India has a significant imbalance among its copper smelting/refining capacity as well as its copper ore mining capacity. Also, the refined copper production capacity in the nation for fiscal 2010 was more than 1 million tonnes of copper, and it requires about 100 million tonnes of copper ore (maybe a copper content of 1%). Its copper ore production in India for fiscal 2010 was about 3.21 million tonnes. As it is also the only operating copper ore producing mining company in the country and also has access to over two–thirds of India copper ore reserves. It shows an attractive growth opportunity for the company. Also, their principal activities include mining of copper ore, the concentration of copper ore into a copper concentrate via a beneficiation process and also refining, smelting, and extruding of the copper concentrate into the refined copper in downstream saleable products. And some other than selling refined copper products mainly in the form of continuous cast wire bars, wire rods, and copper cathodes, and also sell surplus copper concentrate. Besides, it sells many by-products generated via the copper manufacturing process, and it also includes anode slime having gold and silver and sulphuric acid. So its principal operations include three copper ore mining complexes such as the Khetri Copper Complex (or KCC) at Khetrinagar in Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan, the Indian Copper Complex (or ICC) at the Ghatsila in the East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, and the Malanjkhand Copper Project (or MCP) at Malanjkhand in Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh. In this, each of them consists of one or more copper ore mines and have their beneficiation plants in the country. Both of the KCC and ICC complexes also have their smelting and refining facilities, and due to that, the KCC facilities have been shut down for various economic reasons.

The Products of the Company:

Some of the Main Products
  • Continuous Cast Copper Rod
  • Copper Cathode
  • Copper Concentrate
Some of the By-Products
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Reverts
  • Anode Slime

Some of the Milestones:

  • 1967: It was incorporated and assets at Khetri, Rajasthan were being transferred to the company from National Mineral Development Corporation Limited.
  • 2002: The second restructuring of the company that was approved by the GoI.
  • 2008: The third restructuring of the company that was approved by the GoI.
  • 2008: The company was being granted Miniratna–Category I status.
  • June 20, 2010: It received GoI approval for disinvestment of 10% paid-up equity capital of Hindustan Copper out of the GoI's shareholding.
  • Aug 18, 2010: It also set up a JV with HGML for the revival of its closed copper mine.
  • Oct 01, 2010: It gets the prospecting Lease for Baniwali Ki Dhani by the Government of Rajasthan.
  • Dec 13, 2010: It expands its capacity to 12.5 million tones.

Some of the Achievements:

  • The Company received a License for the quality management systems certification IS/ISO 9001:2008 as on January 25, 2008, was awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards at ICC.
  • The Company was awarded ISO 9001:2008 standard as on May 22, 2010 by the Bureau Veritas Certification (India) Private Limited certifying that the management system of the company at TCP (in relation to manufacture of CC Rods in diameters of 8 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm) and has been audited and also is in accordance with the standard needs.

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Trend Analysis
  • Short Term Trend :
  • Medium Term Trend :
    Not Clear
  • Long Term Trend :
    Not Clear

Are you friends with trend?

There is a saying in stock market, "Trend is your best friend"

It means, a good trader doesn't place his money against the trend. Many new traders lose money because they are trying to catch trend reversals but seasoned traders wait for a clear trend to emerge before taking the trade in the direction of trend.

Day Technicals

What is Opening Range Breakout?

An opening range breakout is breaking out of the day's range after a stock has moved for some time in a sideways trend. In technical terms, its a breakout from the support and resistance level in an upward or downward trend.


What is NR7 trading strategy?

Narrow Range trading strategy or NR7 Trading strategy is a breakout based method which assumes that the price of security trends up or down after a brief consolidation in a narrow range.

Opening Price clues

How to use Opening Price Clues in your trades?

If the stock has same open and high after it has traded for some time, it implies there was a consistent selling pressure that didn't allow the stock to move higher from the opening price. Similarly, if the stock has same open and low price, it implies there was a consistent buying intent that kept the stock price above the opening price.

Day High Low Range
10 AM - -
11 AM - -
12 PM - -
1 PM - -
2 PM - -
Japanese Candlestick Patterns
Candle Pattern 1 :None
Candle Pattern 2 : None
Candle Pattern 3 :None
Candlestick Price Action
Lower High Lower Low
Pivot Points
Name S4 S3 S2 S1 Pivot Points R1 R2 R3 R4
classic 138.08 143.23 148.38 150.42 153.53 155.57 158.68 163.83 168.98
woodie's 142.13 147.28 149.39 152.42 154.54 157.58 159.69 162.72 167.88
fibonacci - 148.38 150.35 151.57 153.53 155.50 156.72 158.68 -
camarilla 149.62 151.03 151.51 151.98 -- 152.92 153.39 153.87 155.28
Past Performance & Moving Averages
10 DAY
155.62 -6.24 % 0.52 %
20 DAY
159.28 -3.51 % 0.41 %
50 DAY
159.59 1.23 % 8.14 %
100 DAY
135.72 16.33 % 5.35 %
200 DAY
89.80 246.48 % 18.46 %
124.53 148.49 % 12.12 %
52 Week
79.22 377.15 % 32.71 %

Why are moving Averages important in technical Analysis?

An opening range breakout is breaking out of the day's range after a stock has moved for some time in a sideways trend. In technical terms, its a breakout from the support and resistance level in an upward or downward trend.

Gaps On Day Chart
Unfilled Gap Down On 2021-06-16
161.00 ~ 162.00 RESISTANCE
Unfilled Gap Up On 2021-04-05
126.00 ~ 125.55 SUPPORT
Unfilled Gap Up On 2021-02-04
67.80 ~ 64.60 SUPPORT
Industry Growth Rate

In Last 1 Year the industry has grown by 60.90 %

In Last 5 Year the industry has grown by -19.22 %

Peer comparison


COMPANY NAME 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
HINDCOPPER 1816.25 832.00
CUBEXTUB 57.61 51.84 45.51 50.96 74.86 59.88
BHAGYNAGAR 262.00 296.00 305.00 513.00 569.00 504.00
Total 2460.11 1395.88 319.61 347.84 350.51 563.96


1 HINDUSTAN COPPER LTD. 13779.25 149.10 17.36 -6.16 0.00 -1.23 -3.71% 832.00 -569.00 -68.39% -54.19% -491.52% 0.00% 0.00%
2 CUBEX TUBINGS LTD. 1614.68 11.28 40.49 0.30 41.33 0.03 3.20% 59.88 0.43 0.72% -20.01% -34.85% -0.71% -13.67%

What is Sales Trend ?

Sales trend is a methodology to understand sales results which helps in understanding the trends of the market over a specific period of time. Sales results are an indicative of the sales patterns followed by the customer over a time period.

Net Profit

What is EBITDA Margin & EBIT Margin ?

Corporate accounting is required to adhere to the standards and practices collectively referred to as the generally accepted accounting principles. EBITDA is an excellent way for corporate accountants to start compiling data, but it should not be considered an absolute result. This is due to the fact that many consider EBITDA more of a broad stroke than a definitive form of accounting practice.

EBIT Margin
Cash Flow

Why is the Cash Flow Analysis important?

A business needs cash to pay its expenses, to pay bank loans, to pay taxes and to purchase new assets. A cash flow report determines whether a business has enough cash to do exactly this.

Operating Activities
Financing Activities
Investing Activities
Financial Health

What Is Financial Health?

Financial health is a term used to describe the state of one's personal monetary affairs. There are many dimensions to financial health, including the amount of savings you have, how much you’re putting away for retirement, and how much of your income you are spending on fixed or non-discretionary expenses.

Debt to Equity
Piotroski Score
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

What Is the Piotroski Score?

The Piotroski score is a discrete score between 0-9 that reflects nine criteria used to determine the strength of a firm's financial position.

Altman Z Score (Mfg Company)
  • Distress (< 1.81)
  • Caution (>1.81 < 2.99)
  • 3.69
    Safe (3 & above)
Altman Z Score (Non-Mfg Company)
  • Distress ( < 1.23)
  • Caution (>1.23 < 2.6)
  • 8.46
    Safe (2.6 & above)

What Is Valuation?

Valuation is the analytical process of determining the current (or projected) worth of an asset or a company. There are many techniques used for doing a valuation. An analyst placing a value on a company looks at the business's management, the composition of its capital structure, the prospect of future earnings, and the market value of its assets, among other metrics.

What is the significance of Rollover data?

Rollover in an important data point and should be analyzed in the expiry week. Rollover involves carry forwarding of ‘futures’ positions from one series (which is nearing expiry date) to the next one.

Rollover percentage actually indicates whether the traders are willing to carry forward their existing. positions (long or short) to the next series or not. Generally, the rollover figures alone will not indicate which direction traders are betting on. You should also check whether absolute open interest is increasing or decreasing over expiries

What is Options Max Pain Theory?

Options Max Pain Theory suggests,

“On option expiration day, the underlying stock price often moves toward a point that brings maximum loss to option buyers.”

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